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About Us

We Don't Set Limits, Why Should You!

Mind Bird Solutions, a private limited company, established in the year 2009, focuses on off-shore small-team software development with a team of seasoned professionals. We are very passionate about what we do.

Mind Bird Solutions is a new breed of Digital era, serious about User Experience. We don’t just build application and then wash our hands, we create multi-channel digital experiences. We integrate our vast experience across industry sectors with world-class technology to offer business-friendly solutions across industry verticals. With UX at our heart, we design and build all things digital - from web, mobile, and responsive sites to cloud applications.

We are creatives, technologists, and intellectuals

It’s all about our people. We live and breathe digital. We think outside the box. We push the envelope. Our highly experienced cross functional teams are from analytical, creative and technical backgrounds.

We take it personally

We’re not just a company, we’re a digital partner. We guide our clients through a complex and constantly changing digital world. We take on the difficult tasks – transforming business models for the digital age, delivering “tough love.

We deliver

If you know anything about us, it’s our reputation for quality. We don’t just pontificate, we deliver functioning solutions. Success depends on the quality of the experiences we deliver to users.

"Our Presence is for purposes, than maximizing profits"

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