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Become Investor Ready

How to attract the right investment into your business

As a leading digital agency with many years of experience in the development and launch of digital technology, Mind Bird Solutions helps many businesses and entrepreneurs in the India and beyond to attract investors.

Bringing your plans to life

To bring your plans to life, we will use our expertise in the design, development, launch and marketing of digital technology – including software, business applications, mobile apps and websites – to provide the data and designs on which to build a firm business case. By closely examining how it could be developed and what this would cost, we can help you give your potential business angel all the information they need to make their investment decision.

The Mind Bird Solutions approach

The first step is usually to develop a robust digital strategy that looks at the competition, the potential market and appropriate price points. We will then move on to designing a prototype to show how a product could work in practice – giving a much clearer idea of the costs and functionality. Finally, we will look at how the product could be launched, and what the overall cost of this would be.

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