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Email marketing


Mind Bird Solutions knows Email Marketing is the most cost effective way to connect with customers and clients. Our Email Marketing Bangalore Services provide complete email marketing campaign management from preparation, planning, targeting, execution and reporting of email marketing campaigns.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Mind Bird Solutions’ email marketing software can send more than a million messages per hour from a single server. Complete solution – Everything needed for powerful and effective email marketing is built in. Deliverability – Mind Bird Solutions’ powerful email marketing software encompasses features to comply with ISP requirements. Powerful Reporting – Mind Bird Solutions’ email marketing delivery software generates fully detailed reports giving insight to improve marketing efforts. Easy to use – Drop-in-replacement for your existing email marketing software or email service provider. Mind Bird Solutions’ web interface is extremely easy to use for every level of user.

Economical – A minimal, flat license fee, regardless of your volume. Why pay more for successful email marketing services? Dependable – In addition to our email delivery software, our team of experts are here when you need them to ensure optimal success for your email campaigns.

To find out more about Mind Bird’s email marketing services expertise and what it could do for you, contact us today.

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