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Mobile Marketing

Simple, innovatative mobile marketing solutions

Mobile is now the main event with tablet and smartphone ownership continuing to grow. Your mobile marketing needs to keep pace with fast changing technologies and rapidly evolving consumer behaviours. Mind Bird Solutions Marketing Services’ deep mobile understanding ensures that you reach customers wherever they are, using content that resonates, with cross-channel integration that delivers your messages through the right channel at the right time.

Mobile Marketing Design

Marketers who rely on websites and emails built for the desktop environment only may find that messages simply aren’t getting through. Websites and emails that are designed to display beautifully on a home computer may fail to deliver correctly on a smartphone or tablet.

Our technical and creative know-how ensures that your emails automatically identify the device and operating system to deliver picture perfect and always meaningful messages.

Mobile Marketing Analysis

In a highly competitive mobile web environment, marketers need to understand how their online properties are performing in relation to the competition.

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