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Technology Audit

Thorough and impartial IT consultancy

When you need to know whether your technology or expertise is up to the demands of your business, Mind Bird's technology auditing service will offer impartial, in-depth and thorough advice you can trust. Our IT audit consultants are based in India and help businesses throughout the India and beyond.

Rigorous, agnostic

Our rigorous, agnostic approach is always driven by the needs of your business, not a preference for one system or product over another. We can help you make a detailed assessment of your technology infrastructure, expertise and usage to guide your investment decisions based on the right information.

Testing and analysis

Our digital technology auditors can assess whether you have the most appropriate systems and applications in place, whether they are working securely and efficiently for you, and whether they would continue to do so under stress. They can determine whether your staff have the expertise to get the most out of your systems and applications, whether this could be affected by any integration or migration plans, and whether the development of your systems and applications will continue to meet your business needs.

Our approach to technology audits

Mind Bird's approach to IT auditing is to first make sure we fully understand your business, how your systems and applications operate and how they are used. We will then spend time with your staff to gauge their knowledge, preferences and expertise, before carrying out a detailed analysis to identify any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – suggesting ways in which you might most effectively use digital technology to mitigate or exploit these situations.

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